Many visitors to the UK now own their own canalboats! New fully equipped narrowboats can cost between $32,000 to $160,000usd. Used boats are widely available. New boats are usually built to order by boat builders, boat brokers and boatyards sell used boats. Use a marine surveyor when looking for a boat. Shared ownership schemes offer a number of weeks vacation and shared maintenance costs. (Links to all these under Canal Company Contacts below left.)   Some boatbuilders and boatyards do special arrangements for overseas clients where they look after the boat when it is not being used. Mooring at a boatyard or marina can cost from about $16usd per week to $96usd or more depending on length of boat, facilities and location. You will also need to pay for a cruising license, $480 to $960usd annually and insurance charges, $500 to $800usd. Boats must be inspected every 3/4 years to ensure that they are safe and regularly dry-docked to check and repaint the hull etc. Most people decide that renting or shared ownership is a preferred option unless they are able to spend extended periods cruising. Extended cruising is increasingly popular amongst people who find they have time to ‘take a year or two out’. You can cruise as long as you like without paying mooring charges provide you do not stay in one place too long.           “We liked the barging vacation so much we want our own boat!” Canal Vacations promotes the wonderful leisure opportunities on UK canals. We don't offer boats or vacations of our own! Our sister site Canal Junction has links to recommended Barge Hire Firms Book Now via Canal Junction!