Well doesn't everyone sometimes get the urge to travel slowly for a change, escape the hurly burly of the twentieth century, go back for a while to the way things used to be? Then try a UK canal vacation. UK canals and rivers are living highways, joining the modern world to the places we came from, linking the people we are to the people we were, and, best of all, you can enjoy it all in 20th century comfort!   It makes an an excellent feature of any European vacation because you get to see the real country and meet the real people in a safe and fairly self contained environment that isn't totally 'packaged' and still leaves a little room for adventure. You see Heritage at close hand, canals have changed so little since they played such a large part in the Industrial Revolution. You see beautiful countryside and nature close up. Best of all, it's an opportunity to travel slowly, see the finer details of life, enjoy new friendships and take some slow, deep breaths for a change! And it's the ideal way to relax and be reinvigorated after jetting through 7 European countries in 7 days, whether that was meant to be for business or pleasure!   “Why squeeze a barging week into our busy UK vacation?” Canal Vacations promotes the wonderful leisure opportunities on UK canals. We don't offer boats or vacations of our own! Our sister site Canal Junction has links to recommended Barge Hire Firms Book Now via Canal Junction!