Canals made the Industrial Revolution possible but now now carry very little commercial cargo. However there are more boats afloat than ever because canal cruising is such a popular leisure activity. The main canal system is very extensive, stretching from Bath and London in the South of England to Liverpool and York in the North of England and into the valleys of South and North Wales.    More than 2000 miles (3000km) of man made waterways built over 200 years ago and rivers made navigable over many hundreds of years cross some of England and Wales's finest scenery, hills and valleys, cities and villages.  Whichever sort of cruising holiday you choose one thing is certain, you will be moving slowly! The maximum speed limit on the canals is 4 miles per hour, about 6kph!  So canal cruising is not a holiday to hurry, that is its beauty! Don’t plan to do more than 20 miles in a day unless there are very few locks around or you don’t mind long hours. You should not plan to travel after dark and some locks on some canals may be closed after 4 or 5pm until 8 am to save water supplies. After a few days going slowly you’ll be feeling the benefits!           “Aern’t UK canals just grubby rivers & ditches full of freight barges?”  Canal Vacations promotes the wonderful leisure opportunities on UK canals. We don't offer boats or vacations of our own! Our sister site Canal Junction has links to recommended Barge Hire Firms Book Now via Canal Junction!